Urthecast/Int'l. Space Station Camera Baffle (Left)

UrtheCast Corp. is a Vancouver-based technology company that is developing the world’s first near-live HD video feed of Earth, from space.

Urthecast contacted Custom Aerospace Machine with a requirement to machine two complex camera aperture housings with an extremely short delivery.

Custom Aerospace accepted the challenge and delivered the housings on time and in budget with an accelerated two week turnaround from design to delivery. Each of these Baffle assemblies consisted of seven separate high tolerance parts assembled into one complete unit.

Five Axis Machining (Right)

Five Axis Machining

Custom Aerospace utilizes the latest technologies to produce the highest quality of machined parts.

Five axis machining allows us to access five sides of any given part which ensures great accuracy and repeatability of our machined parts.

Multi-Axis Turning

By combining a Lathe and a Mill into one machine, Custom Aerospace can machine many parts that have both turned features and milled features.

Accomplishing this without removing the parts from the machine for secondary setup operations, enables Custom Aerospace to hold tighter tolerances and produce parts faster.

High Production Machining

Custom Aerospace operates Horizontal Machining Centers with high capacity machining cells for "Lights Out Machining Operation".

This allows the production of parts around the clock with or without human support, which increases our total output and decreases the time from design to delivery.

Micro Machining

By using high end Microscopes Custom Aerospace can machine parts that cannot be measured with conventional verification tools.

CNC programmed microscopes are used to check prototypes to production runs of extremely small parts.


Custom Aerospace has EDM technology to support machining of part features that are not accessible with other conventional methods.

Performing these operations in-house allows Custom to control required tolerances as well as improve overall time from design to delivery.